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You may be an authentic Armchair Adventurer if:

  1. *   You’re genuinely interested in, or at least intrigued by, the Search

                 for Truth,

*     You yearn for a gentler, more decent, more interesting world,

*     You believe that quality of life begins with quality of mind,

*     You live by a code and believe certain values and standards to be

                worth upholding, but also...

  1. *    That the other guy’s point of view always deserves a respectful hearing,   


*     You’re not too hidebound to survive in landscapes which may shift

                 from time to time and realities, perceived or otherwise,

                 that may not always be what they seem,

  1. *    You’re none abashed in the face of the unknown, misknown

                 & misunderstood,

*     You believe, or at least suspect, that everything we are taught is false

                but everything we learn is true, that no adventure we can learn

                something from, whether experienced in the saddle or in

                the armchair, is ever a complete waste of blood and plunder.

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How This Website Came to Be...

Garman Lord

        If I had a mansion, so I’ve often imagined, I think I would like to fill it up with every kind of artistic or creative curiosity, such that guests might stroll around from room to room, admiring this or that oeuvre at their leisure. A casual museum or gallery of sorts, perhaps, though not of any special kind. A museum where you might stumble upon one intriguing kind of artistic expression or another around just about every corner. Then, if my hospitality were good, friends would go home afterwards thinking “Not only was it a pretty good party, but it’s about the most interesting place in which we’ve been entertained in awhile.” Or, hopefully, something like that.

        However, I don’t have a mansion; just a house. It’s pretty good size, as it happens, but always loaded up and cluttered with all sorts of creative projects and works in progress of my own concoction, and nowhere near the scope and purposes of my grand designs. As it happens, however, we of the twenty-first century need no longer settle for any such limitations on our creative fancy. Today, we have the internet, on which we may build whole museums out of nothing but ones and zeroes that can be as big as the great outdoors!

        This is strictly a vanity website, then, in the form of a museum not only for things I’ve written, created and thought about all my life, but for sharing as well some of the creative works of particular friends of mine who have similarly spun out all sorts of interesting things that lack nothing for their fuller appreciation but a wider audience.

        As to who exactly I am, I can only say that I’m someone whose informing passion since birth has been curiosity; a tremendous abiding curiosity about practically everything, driving me in my time to explore and experiment with just about every form of creative expression. Never with any particular notion of publishing or hanging in museums, of course; more like art for art’s sake, even if the works thus created merely go on to languish in obscurity and the artist who created them dies unheralded and unknown.

        Except that now, of course, there’s the internet! Who need labor in obscurity, when today one has the prospect of an audience of seven billion viewers just a mouse-click away?

        I have always been surrounded, of course, by the kinds of kindred spirits and like-minded souls who are curious about everything, or at least a lot of things, too. At one time or another when our shared enthusiasms have brought us together, we have fancifully styled ourselves “The Ancient and Secret Order of Armchair Adventurers,” albeit with no better home base, headquarters, gallery or fraternal lodge than someone’s living room or patio... but no more. We now find ourselves quartered in the most capacious accommodation imaginable; the world wide web.

        This is of course a new website, at the time of this writing, founded just last Hallowe’en. But of course it is growing. How big, and how long will it grow? Who knows; perhaps indefinitely, or at least for as long as they keep building new server farms. After all, there would seem to be an infinity of things out there to be curious about, with new things under the sun coming along every day. Here’s hoping you’ll have an idle hour to have a look around, and find something to strike your fancy!