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Notice to visitors: This page will eventually become a bloviator’s corner for posting OOCEs (Observations on current events;) to wit:

OOCE4: Speaking of maroons, I just read where some TV talking head named Shep Smith, referring evidently to a trade hissyfit between Pres. Trumpster-fire and Hoserheim PM Pierre Trudeau, said maybe we need a Northern Wall. Really? For what, to ward off all those wiley Canadian frostbacks from swimming the St. Lawrence under the dark-o’-the-moon to illegally harvest the Northern New York citrus crop? I couldn’t help asking a Canadian friend why Canada didn’t build a Southern Wall? She said “We did, but it melted.”

OOCE5: Speaking of which, SNL’s Seth Meyers asks “How do you get in a war with Canada?” Good question, although if anybody could manage to do that, it would probably be our current brain-scan flatline Commander-In-Cheeto. And no, fool, it was British regulars, not Royal Canadian Marines, who burned the White House. The thing is, if anybody’s memory actually went back that far, they might recall that, before the Civil War, the US did manage to get into a series of wars with our friendly neighbor to the north, culminating in the “Patriot’s War” of 1837, and in each case the Hosers kicked our butts. And this, if memory serves, under the administration of a serious fighting president and guy you didn’t mess with, Andrew Jackson, who defeated a superior British force at the Battle of New Orleans, fought duels from which he carried real bullets around in his body, preferred to kill his enemies with his own hands and once disarmed and personally arrested an attempted assassin in the streets of DC. Is our fearless leader Cadet Bone Spurs really sure he’s the man to lead us back into a reprise of all that?

OOCE6: Latest Policy masterwork from Cadet Bonespurs Chickenhawk Dolt 45: He wants to go one step beyond the US Airforce with a sixth force, a US Spaceforce! We must be dominant in outer space! Will somebody please tell Herr der Gropenfuhrer that the Space Age has been over for a few years now? Outside of the moon, there’s really not much out there of any interest. The reason they call it space is because it’s pretty much like the space between his ears; there’s nothing there. As some Twitteroid out there observed, this is what happens when we have a new Star Wars movie every year. Now, if only President Tangerine Shartcannon would climb aboard that first spacecraft they build and take a shakedown cruise tour of the front, to some galaxy long ago and far away…

Please excuse the inconvenience. We’re opening the site prematurely for visitors, because it’s going to take time to build, but the postings planned for it are meaningful now. If you’ve ever set up a blog, you already know that it’s the most bastardly software abortion the demented minds of halfwitted IT flunk-outs ever invented, so we expect to be working on it quite awhile before it can be pronounced worthy of your visitation and we can invite Pres. Forrest Trump to come round and cut the ribbon, in hopes that he’ll ignore our advice, just like he always did mommy’s and everybody else’s about being like a box of chocolates, and try to run with the scissors. I am Garman Lord, paperback writer, and the main purpose of this site is to pimp my mystery novels, as well as providing a broadside for my own opinions on just about everything, whether asked-for or not, so meanwhile, you’re invited to explore at your own risk. Please be careful not to step off into any freshly poured pools of concrete, and we’re holding ourselves harmless if you happen to do injury to yourself in tripping over any cinder blocks or piles of rubble. Otherwise, welcome one and all, and do enjoy!


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